Raviolo with fondant yolk


(With these doses I made 6 ravioli)

Make the egg pasta with

2 eggs and 200g flour and salt qb

Roll the dough very thin

For the filling


200g of spinach, cooked with oil, garlic and salt

200g ricotta

100g Parmesan

salt and pepper qb

1 egg

For the dressing

200g Pecorino, butter, pepper, sage qb

You can use truffle oil and “Cruschi” peppers.

Recipe presentation

This raviolo with fondant yolk, spinach and cacio e pepe is one of the dishes that gave

me the most satisfaction!


Add everything in the hated sac a poche with a large filler neck.

Use 1 yolk for each raviolo.

Roll the dough very thinly making rectangles, in the middle.

Gently lay the yolk.

Brush the edges with water.

Close with a fork as well.

Put on the fire a pot full of hot water and when it boils, salt and place the raviolo with a slotted spoon, one by one for 3 minutes.

I drained and seasoned. I cut it and I cried.

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