Rainbow cake



6 bowls
Tins of 18 or 20cm but I had only 2 so I baked 2 at once (it takes just 9 minutes!).
Food colouring (at least 6) – I used the liquid vials.
Optional but useful: a spatula, a sac a poche and a rotating cake stand.

For the cream

6 packs of Philadelphia “Greek Style”
500g fresh whipping cream
150g icing sugar
40g gelatine sheets
Dark chocolate drops

For the colorful sponge-cake

Food colours 6
10 eggs
40g honey
250g whipping cream
300g 00 flour
400g sugar
12g yeast
water qb to dissolve the food colours in cups

Recipe presentation

My rainbow cake


Mix the greek yogurt (or Philadelphia “greek style”).

Whip 400g of fresh cream with sugar and mix.

In the meantime, put the gelatine sheets in cold water for 10/15 minutes.

Put on fire the leftover 100g of fresh cream. Lower the flame.

Add the squeezed cream

Now mix everything: creams, cheese, etc…add chocolate drops, cover and put in the fridge for 1 hour and a half/2 hours.

Colourful discs:

Whip the eggs whites with half sugar.

Whisk mix the yolks with the other half sugar and the honey and add the liquid fresh cream.

Now mix everything in a bigger bowl and add the yeast and the flour.

Divide into 6 equal parts (weighing it) and melt your colouring in cups with a drop of water. Mix and add to your dough.

Then take your tins with zipper or without.

Grease and bake for 9 minutes at 200 degrees.

Remove from the oven helping yourself to remove the colourful disc with a silicone pie server.

Wash your tin, dry it, grease it and repeat the procedure.

When all the discs are ready, take a rotating stand and insert your cream (taken from the fridge) into a sac a poche.

Alternate a disc and another and in the middle fill with cream until the last disc.

Use the leftover cream to cover it, help yourself with a spatula.

Decor at your liking and refrigerate.

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