Plumcake with surprise: red heart inside


In the first bowl:

4 eggs
200g sugar
200ml seed oil or melted butter
100ml milk and 1 tbsp of yogurt
200g 00 flour
50g corn starch
1 packet of yeast
1 vanilla pod

-food red colouring for the hearts to insert only in the second bowl.
-60g of bitter cocoa to insert in a second step.

Recipe presentation

I have been making this plumcake for 3 years for Saint Valentine and sometimes I vary to make it more chocolatey or less soft.

Here is the recipe. 

Take 2 bowls.


In the first bowl, mix your ingredients with the whisk starting with the eggs, then sugar, butter (or oil), milk and flour.

Add the yeast.

In the second bowl, add 3 ladles of the mixture with red colouring by eye.

Start with a sprinkle and mix.

If you like the colour, it’s fine, otherwise adjust it for a brighter red.

Mix and roll out in an oiled cake tin or in a baking paper a layer of about 1 cm, 8/10 minutes at 180 degrees. 

The cake tin of 24/26cm.

When it’s cold cut into a heart shape.

In the first bowl add now the cocoa. 

Adjust the colour to suit your tastes and if you like it darker.

Oil or grease the plumcake mold and pour some centimeters.

Align in single file your small hearts, making sure they do not fall and covert with additional chocolate compound.

Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 35 minutes.

When cooled, cut it.

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