Pitta chicculiata


600g flour (I put half Manitoba, 00 and a sprinkle of durum wheat)
25g brewer’s yeast
100g butter (they occasionally used to put lard)
3 eggs
1 yolk to brush
Salt and oil qb

Tomatoes pulp 1 kg and a half
Garlic, black olives, cappers, tuna in glass with oil (2 packs)
parsley, oregano… a handful of cappers
Anchovies half jar
Spicy (optional)

Recipe presentation

Calabria. We found an old cookbook of my grandma Angelina and her sister Maria, Calabrian (they lived in Castrovillari). 

Among their notes and their sons’ memories, I have found: Pitta Chicculiata stuffed with tuna, olives, cappers, anchovies. 

You can use also different seasoning for the filling (Provola, “aubergines to mushroom” for example…). But that was their Pitta and I prepared it yesterday to honour them and to honour a land of which there is very little talk and not always for one of the best precious things, like gastronomy.


I let rise my dough until doubled. Scared?

I hate when they write in that way. 

I was making a joke.

I let rise 3 hours (between Atena’s feedings), meanwhile I cooked the tomatoes pulp with oil and garlic. 

I let them cool and I added olives, tuna, cappers. 

I rolled out my dough in a large pizza pan.

Then, I stuffed with the suggested condiments and covered.

I pierced and brushed with a yolk.

I baked for 30 minutes at 180 degrees in the lower middle of the oven.

Grandma: so, I did good? 

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