Meatballs with apple, curry and…


Minced meat 800g
2 apples (pulp only)
2 eggs
Bread soaked in the milk and wring out qb (2/3 slices)
Curry qb
Garlic, onion, mint, pepper, salt qb
250g Parmesan
Oil for frying

Recipe presentation

When I lived in Rome, right out of college, my friends used to come for dinner in Via Chiana 35 (where I lived) for “Jo’s meatballs (they used to call me Jo for my similarity with the writer sister of “Little Women”).

In my meatballs I used to add curry (I love spices) and apple pulp.

In the last hours I finished to watch “The Ignorant Fairies”, wonderful film by Ferzano Ozpetek on DisneyPlus where they also eat meatballs with apple pulp that it gives an irresistible sweet touch.

So, I thought I’d pay my respects to the director of my heart before to leave for a long trip.

To his poetry, to friendship, to love, to the food around at a table that it becomes our forever.

(Pass the meatballs in flour if you like them crispier).

Enjoy your meal and do not miss Ferzan’s film with an amazing cast that I love.

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