Fruit drinks


2kg fruit
1,5l water
Sugar: without or from 200 to 400 G depending on how much sweet you prefer it.
(Nobody’s putting a gun due to the quantity!!)
1 lemon, squeezed

Recipe presentation

It’s time for fruit drinks.

I know that it’s so fashionable to order an expensive juice or it seems boring to clean fruit and make juices at home, but to make homemade fruit drink…. it’s a vibe!

Last year the doses of sugar have given rise to much comment because it looks like you all have kids accustomed to drink fruit juices without sugar and they consume fruit without any problems.

I am glad for that and I would like to remind you that, except when you ask me to delete it from caramel, thankfully, sugar is one of the discretionary ingredients as I promote on Social Network.


My kids love it made from apricots, so I cut them and I remove the core.

I melt sugar in a pot full of water.

I add my apricot pieces and I add lemon juice.

After the water boils, I wait 10/11 minutes.

I turn off the stove and I mix with an immersion blender.

I leave to cool and I pour into the bottles with a funnel.

Before pouring, take off the foam with a slotted spoon, if any!

By this method, you can keep it in the fridge. If you would like to store it for as long as possible, for a healthy breakfast or for a snack with friends, you have to sterilize the bottles.

Pour the juice and close it with the new bottle cap and flip.

Then, boil the bottles, separated by a dishtowel, for half an hour.

(Same procedure for jam jars sterilizing!).

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