For the dough:

Manitoba flour or what you prefer 700g
(Emma used 00 and 0)
Butter or lard 130g
About 1 block of fresh yeast ( or less if you prefer)
Water 500ml
Sugar qb
Salt and pepper qb

For the filling:

150g salami
50g smoked bacon
50g Scamorza
50g Provolone
Pecorino and Parmigiano qb (I do 100g)
Hard boiled eggs 2/3
Pepper, oil, salt qb

To decor:

Other eggs as you like and strips left

Recipe presentation

Casatiello (or Tortano. The difference is the position of eggs: Tortano contains them only inside the filling) for Easter. 

I prepared different variations of this dish over the years and it would be great if you share it with your families! What do you think? Think that once I was able to eat a whole one myself! I love it madly!

This year I’m going to make it with sourdough. 

I prefer to add the eggs already cooked because I’m always afraid that they break while cooking by venting the whole egg and soiling the casatiello.

There are those who inserts raw eggs, just habits.

Anyway, check there are no cracks!

First, wash and dry them anyway eh!


Secrets I have learned over the years: sprinkle your tin with lard or butter and also sprinkle the casatiello outside.

Top Neapolitan Chefs’ advice!

Mix yeast with flour and in a separate bowl mix warm water with lard.

Unit and let rise for 5 hours adding salt.

Roll the dough out and dress it with your ingredients cut into cubes.

Around 1 and a half centimeters thick.

Now, roll it, brush with lard.

Insert it in your tin and let rise 2 hours. 

Keep your hands always a bit “greasy”.

Add raw or cooked eggs and block them with leftover dough.

Bake at 180 degrees for 50 minutes. 

Baking times and temperature vary from one oven to another!

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