Bitter orange cheesecake


Biscuit base:

250g biscuits (Digestive type)
125g melted butter


500g spreadable cheese (Philadelphia type)
250g whipping cream
140g icing sugar
12g gelatine
Bitter orange jam (2 jars but you’ll use 1 and half)

Recipe presentation

Cheesecake with bitter oranges.

My husband’s favourite one and now the favourite of my dad too.

Yesterday Claudio had the “pregnancy” cravings at 5pm and here he is satisfied!


Put the biscuits in a blender and add butter, previously melted in bain-marie.

The mixture must seem “sandy”.

Roll out the dough in a round cake tin with a circle opening, on base of baking paper.

Smooth with a spoon or a spatula and leave it in freezer for 30 minutes.

Whisk the cheese (spreadable) with half the sugar.

Form a cream. Place the gelatine in very cold water, with the 80% of your cream with the icing sugar, squeeze the gelatine to remove water and add it to the 20% of the liquid cream to dissolve it in a little saucepan. 

Combine your creams gently, stirring with a spatula from the ground up.

Pull out of the fridge your base of biscuits and pour your cream.

Add your jam.

Spread it and place in the fridge.

Pour the jam over and refrigerate.

Before serving, carefully remove the strip of baking paper and with a spatula smooth the mixture.

Serve cold and decor with orange slices.

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